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    Yash Prabhu is an Engineering Director at Fundrise. Previously she led mobile, web and design systems teams at Comcast NBCU for the Xfinity app. Prior to that, she was a software engineer and manager who led the Android team at Warner Bros. Digital Labs where her team was responsible for building Android apps for streaming services such as DC Universe, Cartoon Network Boomerang, Shudder & DramaFever. 

    Yash is a keen public speaker and keynote speaker who has spoken at multiple tech conferences on mobile development, leadership and public speaking. She’s also a tech community organizer who previously co-organized DevOpsDays Philly and GDG Philly and founded the Philly Mobile Development Conference.

    Conference Presentations & Panels

    All slides are available at

    • Philly Mobile Development Conference, May - Moderator for Growing mobile teams in a competitive market (conference link)
      • Comcast Internal Talk: Making Tech Interviews Inclusive, March 2020
      • DroidCon Americas, November 16-17, Getting started with conference speaking (slides, video)


      • Chicago Roboto, April, Keynote speaker - Being more than an Android developer (slides, video)
      • Google Developers Group Philly January 31 - Intro to Augmented Reality on Android (meetup, slides)


      • ElaConf, October - How public speaking made me a better leader and vice-versa (slides, video)
      • DroidCon NYC, September - Mastering Android's app resources (slides, video)
      • Android Summit, August - Mastering Android's app resources (slides)
      • Chicago Roboto, April - Design Develop Deploy! (slides, video)


      • ElaConf, November - Leadership and Management Panelist (website)
      • DroidCon NYC, September - A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation (slides, video)
      • AnDevCon Boston, August - A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation (slides)
      • 360|AnDev Denver, July - A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation (slides, video)
      • Android Alliance Philly, June - Moderator for Ask an Android Developer panel (website, blog)


      • ElaConf, November - Preparing for your first talk (slides, video)
      • DroidCon NYC, August - Monetizing Android apps on the Play Store: Integrating in-app billing in your Android app (slides, video)
      • AnDevCon Boston, July - Monetizing Android apps on the Play Store: Integrating in-app billing in your Android app (slides)
      • Girl Develop It Philly, May - Panelist at "A Day in the Life of a Developer" panel ( Philly article)



           Girl Develop It Philly Lightning Talk December 2014 Building an Android watchface



      • AnDevCon Boston AMA May 2016 - Michael Pehel from AnDevCon Boston and I chat about material design in Android (video)
      • Android Dialogs August 2015 - Chiuki Chan of Android Dialogs and I chat about implementing in-app billing in Android (video)


      • Google & Udacity's Android Study Jam February-March - Taught free Intro to Android course developed by Udacity as part of Google Developer Groups Study Jam series (Android Study Jam Session 1, Android Study Jam Session 2)
      • Girl Develop It Philly May 2015 - Ran a free Java Study Group as a follow up to an Intro to Java class (Teaching Assistant)
      • Girl Develop It Philly February-March 2015 - Was a teaching assistant for two Intro to Java classes, (Intro to Java 1, Intro to Java 2)
      • Girl Develop It Philly March 2014 - Was a teaching assistant for an Intro to Github class (Intro to Github)



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