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Yash Prabhu currently leads the Android team at DramaFever, a Warner Bros. company. She has spoken at several meetups and conferences over the past three years. In her spare time, she volunteers at local tech groups as a teaching assistant, instructor, organizer and mentor. She currently co-organizes Google Developer Groups Philly and is a former DevOpsDays Philly organizer.

Conference Talks


  • Chicago Roboto - Design Develop Deploy! (slides)


  • ElaConf Philadelphia November - Preparing for your first talk  (slides, video)
  • DroidCon NYC September - A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation (slidesvideo)
  • AnDevCon Boston August - A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation  (slides)
  • 360|AnDev Denver July - A Practical Guide to Material Design Implementation  (slidesvideo)


    • DroidCon NYC August - Monetizing Android apps on the Play Store: Integrating in-app billing in your Android app (slides, video)
    • AnDevCon Boston July - Monetizing Android apps on the Play Store: Integrating in-app billing in your Android app (slides)



    • ElaConf Philadelphia November 2016 - "Leadership and Management" Panelist (website)
    • Android Alliance Philly June 2016 - Moderator for Ask an Android Developer panel (websiteblog)
    • Girl Develop It Philly May 2015 - Panelist at "A Day in the Life of a Developer" panel  ( Philly article)


    • AnDevCon Boston AMA May 2016 - Michael Pehel from AnDevCon Boston and I chat about material design in Android (video)
    • Android Dialogs August 2015 - Chiuki Chan of Android Dialogs and I chat about implementing in-app billing in Android (video)


    • Google & Udacity's Android Study Jam February-March - Taught free Intro to Android course developed by Udacity as part of Google Developer Groups Study Jam series (Android Study Jam Session 1Android Study Jam Session 2
    • Girl Develop It Philly May 2015 - Ran a free Java Study Group as a follow up to an Intro to Java class (Teaching Assistant)
    • Girl Develop It Philly February-March 2015 - Was a teaching assistant for two Intro to Java classes, (Intro to Java 1Intro to Java 2)
    • Girl Develop It Philly March 2014 - Was a teaching assistant for an Intro to Github class (Intro to Github)


    • Philly Tech Week/Android meets iOS May 2017 - Co-organized and hosted joint Android & iOS meetup 
    • AnDevCon Boston July 2015 - Hosted Women in Android Networking Lunch



    Popular posts from this blog

    Technical Blogging session at ElaConf 2016

    This is probably going to be one of several blog posts related to ElaConf. It's a wonderful conference for empowering women in tech that took place in Philly for the second time recently. One of the breakout sessions at ElaConf was on Technical Blogging which was run by Vaidehi Joshi (@vaidehijoshi). Here are my takeaways from that session.

    We started off by reading Julia Evans' blog post on processes. Vaidehi asked us to take a few minutes to read it and discuss with a partner. Here are some things that stood out to us in the blog post:

    ConversationalMatter of factFormatted Code snippetsAuthor's personality shows in the code commentsCondensed scope, author links to external content for more researchGood introduction to the topic even for a newbie
    We also took some time doing a fun exercise, with one of us pretending to be a student and the other a teacher. The teacher had to describe "opening a Facebook account to someone who has not used a computer before". Thi…

    Google I/O 2017 Recap: Things I learned

    Google I/O 2017 was a lot of fun and informative. I wish I had Hermione's Time-Turner as there were many talks to attend and many amazing people to meet.
    Here are some things I learned at I/O: AI & Machine Learning This year, I/O was all about AI on every Google product. A product mentioned at the Keynote was Google Lens which enables your smartphone to take pictures of an image like a flower and identify it. That's pretty helpful for a hobbyist gardener like me. 
    I also happened to drop by their Android Experiments sandbox and play the AI powered Quick Draw with fellow I/O attendees.
    Google Assistant  Google's voice assistant is available on many devices now - not just on your Google Home & Pixel phones but on Android TV as well as iPhone. It's also available on more languages and has an Assistant SDK.You can build an app fairly quickly with Actions on Google and there is a challenge at You could possible win a trip to I/O 2018 if you e…

    Moderating my first panel - Ask an Android Developer

    Every month at Android Alliance which I help organize, we have a monthly speaker and a few lightning talks. Someone in the Phillydev Slack group's android-philly channel suggested doing a panel for the June meetup.

    I have been a panelist before but this time I wanted to try moderating. To prepare for that, I googled how to be a moderator and found Cate Huston's blog on moderating as well as this book - The Eloquent Woman's Guide to Moderating Panels recommended by Cate. The book is a quick read on moderating panels and has several pointers on how to moderate effectively.  

    Of course, a panel is only as good as its panelists and moderator. For the panelists, I reached out to Corey, Travis, Nick & Arpit.  

    Here are some things I set out to do as a moderator:
    Set the toneWhen we start an event at Android Alliance, we go around and ask everyone to say their name, what they do and a fun fact about themselves. This usually makes it an informal atmosphere and lbreaks the ice qu…