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2016: Year In Review

I had a lot of professional growth goals this year and that included speaking, blogging and engaging my community more. I ended up doing a lot more in 2016 than 2015. 
My goal for 2017 is to keep it simple and do less :)
January Wrote abstracts for all the conferences I wanted to attend/speak at and laid the groundwork for the year ahead.
FebruaryRan my first Android Study Jam for Google Developers Group(GDG)/Android Alliance Philly which I co-organize.

March Gave a lightning talk at GDG/Android Alliance Philly on RecyclerViews which was part of my talk on Material Design implementation for Developers
April Gave a talk at GDG/Android Alliance Philly on Material Design implementation for Developers.
May Did an AMA with the AnDevCon Boston team to promote my talk on Material Design.
Attended the global GDG conference in San Francisco and Google I/O in Mountain View which was a blast as I got to hang out with members of the Android and Google tech community from all over the world!

June …