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My first non-tech talk at ElaConf

I gave my first non-tech talk at ElaConf Nov 2015 last weekend. ElaConf is a conference that empowers women in tech and its proceeds all go to Girl Develop It. Learn more about it at Why do I call my talk non-tech? Because the talk does not feature any code and it does not feature any technical problem that I solved.

My talk was titled "Preparing for your first talk" but it's applicable to anyone who is preparing for any kind of talk - technical or otherwise. I was inspired to give this talk after writing this detailed blog post on how I prepared for my first big conference.

Some of my tips and tricks were very well captured by the wonderful artist who was sketch-noting at the conference as well as one of the attendees.

Your 1st talk w/ — ELA Conf (@elaconf) November 21, 2015

Lots of great presentation advice from @yashvprabhu! ✨— Alyssa Dill (@alyssadill) November 21, 2015