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Taking stock of 2015

I was inspired by this post by femgineer to write my own post about acknowledging my accomplishments of the past year.

One of my 2015 resolutions was a continuation of the previous years' - Be more active in the tech community. This goal was big enough to try out different things so I pretty much said YES to any opportunity that came along.

2015 was my year of firsts. Here's my list of tech accomplishments in chronological order:
First-time team lead at workSubmitted my first abstract to a conference (and many more after that!)Wrote my first blog postGave my first technical talk at the Android Alliance meetupGave my first technical conference talk at AnDevCon Boston (and DroidCon NYC after that!)Hosted my first luncheon at AnDevCon BostonWas a first time panelist on Girl Develop It's A Day in the life of a Developer seriesWas interviewed for the first time on Youtube for Android DialogsGave my first non-technical conference talk at ElaConf Writing this down inspires me to …