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My first talk!

I gave my first talk at Android Alliance Philly yesterday on Monetizing Android apps with in-app billing on Google Play Store. The audience was wonderful, asked a lot of questions and gave me plenty of ideas on how to improve my talk and presentation.

Kudos to @corey_latislaw who live-tweeted and sketch-noted while I talked. What an amazing way to remember things!

Great talk by @yashvprabhu at @androidphilly! Wish we could record at the Comcast Center. — Corey Leigh Latislaw (@corey_latislaw) April 29, 2015

#SketchNotes from @yashvprabhu's talk at @androidphilly on monetizing apps with the play store. — Corey Leigh Latislaw (@corey_latislaw) April 29, 2015
I'm looking forward to giving this talk at AnDevCon Boston in July!
"Monetize Apps on the Play Store: Integrating in-app Billing in Your #Android App w/ @yashvprabhu at #AnDevCon — AnDevCon (@AnDevCon) April 30, 2015
Link to my slides: Monetizin…